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Great article by our friends of MB&F:

Well, it’s Christmas once again. A chance to spend some quality time with friends and family; a moment to reflect on life – how far we have come and where we may be going in the year ahead. All of us at MB&F would like to send you our very warm, festive greetings.

Porsche 356 half-size

And while this time of year has for most of us religious, family and festive overtones, for some people – some little people in particular – it can boil down to just one thing: Their new toy car, teasingly wrapped up under the Christmas tree.

Ferrari California Spyder half-scale

For those of a certain age, this could mean Matchbox’s latest small set of wheels; those from another era might be thinking more about a Traxxas radio-controlled car.

Harrington Group has made miniature motors that will put a gleaming smile on the faces of little and big kids alike (for ‘big kids’, read adults – you know who you are): Half-scale replicas of classic luxury cars.

AC Cobra half-scale

Their terrific versions of the AC Cobra – the American-engined British sports car produced on and off since 1962 – and Ferrari California Spyder – the 1957 model designed for export to North America – feature a front engine, rear-wheel drive, independent suspension all round, limited slip differential and rack and pinion steering.

They also boast hydraulic disk brakes at the front and rear, opening bonnet and boot (hood and trunk), separate steel chassis, composite body shell and an adjustable pedal box so that anybody can fit in – even those that are over 1.80m/6ft tall.

Jaguar E-Type half-scale

Harrington Group has also scaled down the Jaguar E-type – ranked No.1 on Sports Car International magazine’s list of top sports cars of the 1960s – to produce two versions: petrol and electric.

Jaguar E-Type half-scale

The petrol car has a rear mounted 110cc 4-stroke quad bike engine, semi automatic gearbox with a clutchless gear change (three forward gears and reverse), twin rear hydraulic disk brakes, functioning lights, indicators (flashers), horn and electric start. Oh, and the seat is adjustable too.

What’s more, it is pretty zippy, with a maximum speed of an exhilarating 43mph (69km/h). The only drawback is that this petrol version does not have suspension and is essentially, in Harrington Group’s own words, “a very pretty – and heavy – go-kart”.

Mercedes Benz 300SL half-scale

The electric version uses two electric motorbike 36v brushless hub motors in the rear wheels so top speed is only 14mph (23km/h), but it does have full independent suspension. Drive time per battery charge is just over one and a half hours and it takes only an hour to recharge again.

Porsche 356 half-scale

Harrington Group has also done a fantastic half-scale Porsche 356 and a Mercedes Benz 300SL, among others.

The only question now is: How easy it is it for ‘Santa’ to creep in and leave one of these tantalisingly wrapped up under the Christmas tree?

Check out the video above to see these great mini motors in action and for more information, please visit:

Source: MB&F - A Parallel World
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