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I am a new member and started collecting wathces about a year ago. Lately I purchased a couple of casio models and got interested in the popular AMW320 "Arnie". After some effort I found this model which I particularly fancied at a decent price from areatrend and ordered one after specifically asking whether the image was an accurate depiction of the product -
I wanted this particular model since it looked different from the common model with green luminescent paint but rather one with orange hands and golden luminescent paint around the hands and the dots. I ended up paying 120dollars for it including customs and shipping. Today I received the watch but got very disappointed since in my opinion they've send me the normal model so to speak rather than the model advertised on their website. This is their answer to my complaint: "We have viewed the image on our site as well as the image you have provided of the watch received and can
confirm that this watch is listed correctly. The numerals and dots on the dial of the watch are luminous which does mean that they glow and reflect this different color."
I'm rather confused since in opinion they are two different models. Any thoughts?


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