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Casio Overland OVW-100TDJ-1A2JF

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I want to buy the Casio Overland OVW-100TDJ-1A2JF.

Unfortunately that model is for the Japanese domestic market, and it only synchs in Japan. It does not synch in the U.S.

Does a nearly identical model exist for the U.S. market that synchs in North America? If such a model exists, then what is the model number?
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I have the OAW-100TDJ. It syncronizes just fine in the US.:-! Great watch!

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This model was/is a Japan only model. Not sure why you think the one you want will not sync in the US. I am not aware of any Casio atomics that do not sync in the US. Then, again, I am not aware of all of them, just never heard of a problem.

Good Luck!
Well, sorry about that. As I stated, I had not heard, and apparently that is one I had not heard. However, if you still like the watch, go ahead and get it. Its still a quartz watch and should be pretty accurate.

Oh, and welcome to the G-Shock forum. It is good to see new people here, with an interest in G's! :-!
Whtshadow...nice watch you got there ;-) :-!.
Yup, sure is. :) Too bad you don't have one. :-(;-) It really is quite comfortable,and has many useful features. Yet still looks good. b-):-d:-d
1 - 4 of 22 Posts
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