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Casio Overland OVW-100TDJ-1A2JF

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I want to buy the Casio Overland OVW-100TDJ-1A2JF.

Unfortunately that model is for the Japanese domestic market, and it only synchs in Japan. It does not synch in the U.S.

Does a nearly identical model exist for the U.S. market that synchs in North America? If such a model exists, then what is the model number?
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WhtShadow, thanks but the specific model that you have is different than the model that I want to buy. Your model has a digital date display. The model that I want has an analog date display. There are other design differences, too.

Thanks, though. If your model synchs in North America, then maybe the specific model that I want is available for the U.S. market also.
This model was/is a Japan only model. Not sure why you think the one you want will not sync in the US. I am not aware of any Casio atomics that do not sync in the US. Then, again, I am not aware of all of them, just never heard of a problem.

Good Luck!
WhtShadow, some Casio models for the Japanese domestic market synch only in Japan. Other Casio models for the Japanese market can synch outside of Japan. It depends on the specific model.

It's the same with Casio models for the U.S. Some synch only in the U.S. Other models can synch outside of the U.S. It depends on the specific model.

If you look at the specs for the Casio Overland OVW-100TDJ-1A2JF, you will see that it only synchs in Japan. This is the model I want to buy.

The specs for the Casio Overland OAW-100TDJ-1AJF indicate that it synchs in both Japan and the U.S. I think you have that model.

If you want to compare, there are sellers on eBay that have both models.
If you look at the specs for the Casio Overland OVW-100TDJ-1A2JF, you will see that it only synchs in Japan. This is the model I want to buy.
WhtShadow, I think that I am out of luck. I just found this review of another Casio Overland model:
Well, sorry about that. As I stated, I had not heard, and apparently that is one I had not heard. However, if you still like the watch, go ahead and get it. Its still a quartz watch and should be pretty accurate.

Oh, and welcome to the G-Shock forum. It is good to see new people here, with an interest in G's! :-!
No problem, WhtShadow. Not your fault. At first, I didn't notice either. I was about to order it until I realized it won't synch in the U.S.

Maybe Casio will update the model in the future to synch in the U.S.
Welcome to the forum, Dirkdiggler. :-!
is this how it looks like ??

so simple looking and yet its shoots missiles !!!! i likey !!!

oh, and welcome to the forum as well !!!!!

whtshadow, u should show him your MTG !!!!
That's the Overland model I want, mansrow. Yes, the missile launcher neatly stored behind the simple and uncluttered face is a nice feature to have. The top button in the photo is for the missile launcher, but you forgot to mention the other button. Have you seen Transformers? The bottom button converts the watch into a full-scale and combat-ready Bradley Fighting Vehicle in less than 60 seconds.

Nice features to have at the office, country club, beach, mall, etc.
I had that model for awhile. As stated above it doesn't synch in the US, only in Japan. Twin LED lights are like a flashlight.

Now I know another forumer here had taken this model (or one that synchs only in Japan) and swapped the antenna out with a US mode to get it to synch in the US, if memory serves me correctly.

Interesting. Do you remember which member made such a switch? I cannot find the topic in the archives.
1 - 8 of 22 Posts
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