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Casio Solar Charging (Tough Solar) and Power saving

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Hello everyone. I own several Casio watches with the Tough Solar feature.
- W-S220-1BVCF
- GW-S5600-1JF

As you know, there is a power saver feature on these watches where the watch display goes off (in the case of the LCW-M100DSE-2AER, the second hand also stops) and will be turned back on if any button is pressed or a watch is exposed to light.

I can take any of these watches to a bright area both indoors and outdoors (No sun, the sky is basically white but one can comfortably do any task requiring light such as reading) and the face doesn't turn back on unless I face them to a direct light such as full sun or a desk lamp.

My question is this, since Tough Solar watches are supposed to be charged from any light, does the fact that the watch display doesn't turn back on mean it is NOT charging?
I hope that is not the case.
Please excuse my ignorance on the matter.

Thanks a lot :)
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I think it charges anytime the solar panel is exposed to light, it just absorbs it and charges the battery

Power saver is a different, unrelated function of the system and does not control input. Power saver controls output of the battery.

Tough Solar - Technology - Watch Technologies | CASIO
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I have bought seemingly totally dead solars on eBay several times for dirt cheap. I put them in my windowsill and every single solitary one has recovered to H every time. Sometimes it takes a week of sunlight, but they always wake up fully.

I have never had to change a solar battery in any of my dozens of solar watches

Complaints on Amazon are meaningless.

One of my 4 window sills full of Solar watches charging

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it takes a certain amount of light to activate, or pressing any button activates. as for charging any light will due but the more intense the faster the charge.

Except car dashboards, where the watches can be damaged and sometimes parts will melt. Too hot.
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