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Casio Solar Charging (Tough Solar) and Power saving

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Hello everyone. I own several Casio watches with the Tough Solar feature.
- W-S220-1BVCF
- GW-S5600-1JF

As you know, there is a power saver feature on these watches where the watch display goes off (in the case of the LCW-M100DSE-2AER, the second hand also stops) and will be turned back on if any button is pressed or a watch is exposed to light.

I can take any of these watches to a bright area both indoors and outdoors (No sun, the sky is basically white but one can comfortably do any task requiring light such as reading) and the face doesn't turn back on unless I face them to a direct light such as full sun or a desk lamp.

My question is this, since Tough Solar watches are supposed to be charged from any light, does the fact that the watch display doesn't turn back on mean it is NOT charging?
I hope that is not the case.
Please excuse my ignorance on the matter.

Thanks a lot :)
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Thanks for the info.
I got WS220 recently and it shipped with the charge on M and for a week I wore it around indoors and outdoors just wasn't sure whether it was charging. But putting it face to face with a 10W lamp brought it to H in less than an hour.

I was kinda confused about many people complaining about solar watches on amazon and sometimes on WUS. For me, no complaints so far ;)
Well it is given that the cell would recharge even in low light.
I once put my tough solar watch in windowsill overnight which made it go to Power-Saving mode since it was absolute darkness. However when it was morning and there was full light (just no direct sun, it was a fully white sky) the watch was still in PS mode. But if I held it to a much more direct light, such as facing a lamp it will wake up immediately.

Would I be right to assume that in a working mode it would recharge with any light but the light necessary to wake the watch is WAY stronger than what it needs to make it recharge?
So once it goes to PS mode it should wake up first to start charging with any light otherwise unless the light is strong enough, it will stay in PS mode and not charge?
I see. I am aware that indoor lighting would be an order of magnitude less efficient in charging. But what surprised me is that on a cloudy day the watch wouldn't wake up from power saving but considering it was already in an active mode it would recharge right? It seems the required amount of light to "wake" the watch up is much higher than the amount of light intensity it needs to recharge.
Otherwise, I find it weird that the watch cannot be charged on a cloudy morning just because there is no direct sun.
I wish CASIO would incorporate something that would show if the watch is currently receiving charge and how much but I guess this is as much as asking for thermocompensation :)
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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