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I got this watch 7 years ago in high school as a runners watch to record my time lap times, and as a beater watch. Man has this thing managed to impress. In it's first five years of use I played hockey while wearing it, swam laps, and went hiking and swimming with it, (in salt water too) and it was completely unfazed by anything i threw at it. After replacing the strap two years ago, it became a centerpiece on my desk because I moved on to fitness trackers. My new job involves solvents and chemicals which would damage the HR sensor on my fitness tracker, so the Casio has come out of retirement, and has only gone out of time by about 3 minutes in 7 years. Keeping it on my desk in a well lit room kept the battery in the medium zone, and an hour of sun pushed it back up to a full charge.
All in all, this watch has survived everything I've thrown at it, with a few minor scuffs and scratches on the display which is almost flush with the bezel, the only thing I don't like about this watch.

But for a 30 dollar watch with a Solar movement, and a 100m water resistance rating, you cannot go wrong with this watch or any of its derivatives.
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