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Certina DS Action Diver Auto

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After months of deliberation, scouring of forums, and trying watches following this thread: What to buy: Auto diver, $300-$700, 40-42mm, Black Dial, Steel Bracelet, Handsome Looking, Accurate where I had requested for recommendations on an auto diver, I finally decided to go ahead with Certina DS Action Diver. Thanks everyone who either contributed directly to that thread or indirectly by posting their experiences, with certain watches, on WUS.

There were many choices within my price range. Towards the end I was mainly looking at: Armida A2 (flat crystal), Archimede SportTaucher, Certina DS Action Diver. Decided against Archimede because of the numbers on the face and it was between A2 and Certina. I only wanted to buy one so went with Certina.

Very happy with it so far except that it's been gaining about 12 - 14 sec/day so far. Have had the watch only for a few days. Do you guys think it will get better?

Here are some quick and dirty pics:

I like the fact that it's not too thick.

Doesn't glow like torch at night, but when I'm in total darkness I can still see the hands which is good enough for me. It's a usable and functional watch. This pic is after charging the lume with the cellphone LED flash for about 10-15 seconds.


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the DS First is the only model with Ceramic Bezels from Certina.
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