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maby this explains why there are no new models from Casio.

Maby they're doing the same thing the timex is doing with TX line... trying to move seriously up market. They have a technology so why not.

See also:

I like the blue dial GIEZ. At 250 considering the features sounds like a bargain. The only problem is that GIEZ has :

a) busy dial for some
b) is notoriously difficult to set as some member will remeber from discussions that we had in a past.



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the MRG line up has always been not-cheap

casio pretty much everything they have/know into the MRG7100, so its priced accordingly.

but then, at that price, i can't imagine casio would sell a lot of units (when the price approaches the used market price for a Omega SMP. i know they are apple and orange, but i am just look at them from the brand and as a wrist watch, etc)

i do hope that casio is going to put the GS1000J's module into MRG ti case and bracelet with DLC, sapphire crystal and LED for night viewing :)
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