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Hi, Chascomm,
Thank you for this comprehensive list.
Do you know by any chance what international brands do Nanning watch factory & Seagull supply?
thank you in advance for you help.
I'm not sure about Nanning. It is often hard to distinguish them from Dixmont-Guangzhou due to the perfect interchangeability between their movements. I don't think they make complete watches for international brands.

Sea-Gull have made complete watches for several non-Chinese brands e.g. Plazeon in Thailand and Wagner in Germany. I'm not sure about the rebranded 1963-style chronographs that show up around the place; whether they are made by Sea-Gull or by somebody else using the same parts.

Sea-Gull movements are used by many international brands. Currently all the movements that Invicta use which they identify as 'Technica Swiss Ebauches' are from Sea-Gull, although they have sourced from other manufacturers in the past. The cheaper ST16 movements turn up pretty much anywhere in the cheap brands. Sea-Gull supplies ebauches for finishing in Switzerland by Claro-Semag so any watch with a CL 888 is (indirectly) Sea-Gull powered e.g. various Fossil, Zodiac, Swiss Legend. Sea-Gull tourbillon movements have been used by Soyuz watches in Russia and Poljot-International in Germany.

And of course the ST19 is the 'other' choice (alongside the Russian Maktime 3133) for international manufacturers wanting a hand-winding chronograph without refurbishing vintage Swiss movements. In fact at least one well-known Swiss brand with a reputation for finishing vintage Venus cal 175 have been caught out using the ST19 in a very expensive watch. Sea-Gull built a special version of the ST19 with custom bridges for German brand Riedenschild a few years ago.

The Sea-Gull ST28 hand-winding alarm movement was used briefly by Sorna, Wakmann and Trias brands a year or two ago, but the movement doesn't seem to be in production any longer, which I think is a shame.

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