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CHRISTMAS Special Present:__WENGER Minathor Club version Microtool Box-Knife
The Genuine Swiss Watchmaker's Knife

This exclusive knife is made by WENGER of Switzerland, equipped with BERGEON specialty tools and finished by SCHWEIZER & SCHCEPF finest leather.
This knife is specifically designed for watchmaking and microtechnology ! In addition to its range of 14 traditional tools and functions, optimized for its particular vocation, it features an exclusive, integrated toolbox, containing up to 14 authentic, specialized BERGEON tools. Its versatility and efficiency are sure to be appreciated in any situation calling for precision work - servicing watches, clocks, instruments or apparatus; model making; electronics, computing; optics, etc. There are over 20 specialty tools. MINATHOR Club comes with fine metal/leather scales and matching leather sheath. The Club models bear the S&S hallmark of excellence from SCHWEIZER & SCHOEPF, design tanners and case makers, and come in a choice of four skins:

Crocodile for: US$399

Shark for: US$250.00,

Lizard for: US$250.00,

Caribou for: US$250.00,

All Made in Switzerland.

SPECIAL SALE: US$399-250.00

All our pieces are brand new and come within its original boxes, with all its papers and guaranty.
We Sell Worldwide. Please Inquire for Shipping Charges and Payment Options and Plans, we accept Paypal Payment.
For further information on this piece or to place an order, just send an e-mail: [email protected]
Thank you
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