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I happen to think the Chromachron is one of the more beautiful clocks available. There are still some on sale on eBay – occasionally even some that are new old stock.

However, due to the age of these original clocks (80s), even an NOS one might present some issues. In this case, I am referring to the 190x190x15mm version as shown here:

I bought an NOS one for much less £ than shown above and had two problems:

1) There doesn’t appear to be any easy way to attach an unframed clock to a mount, making it a little difficult to actually get the thing safely on a wall. I ended up temporarily mounting by tightly fitting the movement through a hole in the back panel of a black box frame.

2) After getting it mounted, the movement would run for a short time (sometimes a few hours) and then stop. I could reset the disc with my hand, but after a random amount of time it would stop.

It seemed that the grease in the movement had dried up and as the hours moved forward, the movement seemed to be winding itself tighter, making the clock stop. When I moved the disc with my hand to get it moving again, I was actually for a short time ‘unwinding’ this mystery tightness.

I’d have preferred to simply re-grease the original movement, but on popping it open, it spread its components across the room, so I just decided to replace the movement completely.

After trying to fit a few, I settled on the 9.9mm version of this one:

It fits the Chromachron disc nicely and I snipped the unneeded seconds spindle.

*It’s not a drop in replacement*. Different dimensions and fixing hole locations but the important hour disc fits. Though there are fixing holes on the movement, being nervous to screw into the back of the clock, I went with a good old fashioned gorilla glue approach. Not ideal, and I’m sure others are capable of performing a more robust fix.

When it came to mounting the clock in my box frame, I could no longer use the movement to hold the weight of the clock as it was no longer secured with the three original screws, just glue. Instead, I went with A+B adhesive magnetic strips, matching some on the clock with some on the frame’s back panel.

The clock is now firmly mounted and keeping good time with its much newer movement.

This clock displays well when recessed in OR protruding out of a box frame. Currently have it protruding slightly and while I wasn’t expecting to, I prefer it to when it was recessed. I also recommend refraining from putting the clock behind glass or plastic. The matte colours on it really stand out beautifully when exposed – glass can add reflections that can reduce the clock’s visual impact. I guess it depends on whether preservation or day to day enjoyment is more important.

Thought I’d post this for anyone thinking of buying one or has one sat broken. There is a path to a working, mounted Chromachron albeit with glue and magnets in my case. But you can almost certainly do it better!
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