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Chromalight duration?

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I am loving my Exp 214270 however, I have noticed (or rather not) that the blue Chromalight glow fades rather quickly. By 1am the watch is essentially dark. Since I do work late often this may become an issue.
What are people's experience? Is there something I need to do to "charge it up" properly?
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If I charge mine with my camera flash at 10pm it will sign brightly enough for me to be able to read the time at 5am when I wake up.
when we say it lasts 8 hours we mean like in the pitch dark... anything like an office light will be too bright and it will overpower the lume. try holding it up to a regular light bulb for about 30 secs before you go to bed and when you wake up (assuming you don't have power curtains that open automatically with the sunlight in the morning) your eyes will be adjusted to dark and you will still be able to see the lume. in normal light conditions, you probably only get a solid 20 mins or so but in pitch dark you should see it well.
Halogen bulbs emit the most UV light, so they work best for charging up SLN-type lume. I charge my DJ (just as I did all of my Rolexes before it) for 10-12 seconds under a 50-watt halogen bulb, and it is clearly legible in even an early-dawn lighted bedroom.
So I thoroughly tested mine last night and realised that the lume IS visible after my eyes are fully light adapted.
I've been too used to the "bright as day" Luminox.
Thanks for the feedback!
I've found that what the Rolex blue lume lacks in initial "bloom," it makes up for in longevity. My Rolex won't glow anywhere near as bright as, say, a fully-charged Seiko Monster, but I never have any trouble reading the Rolex into the wee small hours of the morning. I can even read the Rolex in the morning if I haven't actually charged it the night before.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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