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Hello folks,

Considering buying the Chrono Colt 2 model. On the Breitling website, it states that this model has a "Fast Timezone Change". Can anyone tell me how this feature is activated? How does it know to go forward or backwards 1, 2, 3 or more hours?

Here are my thoughts.

1) In the US, most states participate in Daylight Savings Time.
2) Daylight savings runs for approximately 8 months.
3) That means that every 8 and 4 months, assuming that you have a normal watch, you have to adjust the time.
4) If you travel several times a month, you also have to adjust your time

What is the purpose of having a watch with such high accuracy if you have to adjust to different time zones several times a month?

I am hoping that somone in this forum, can provide some answers to my question.

Thanks in advance.

Raul Gonzalez

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One method of reading off a different time zone is to reposition the bezel ring to represent the new time zone offset. That can be done in a moment and reset with as much speed without touching the hands. Accuracy is preserved and you can actually note half hour time zone differences as well should that be necessary.
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