The Sirius Artist Diamonds Collection from Swiss brand Chronoswiss feature intricately hand finished dials clustered with diamonds on a pave-set case.

The three different styles sparkle with extraordinary depth and compete with the jewels for attention. In the Chronoswiss dial workshop in Lucerne, craftsmen  create the minute pieces of art in over 60 steps from small sterling silver plates that eventually become the watch dials of the timepieces in the Sirius Artist Diamondes models.

First, the base must be engraved. This is done with an antiquated “machine” dating back to 1924 which is cranked using purely muscle power. With a very fine graver, the artist cuts the characteristic guilloche wave patterns into the clamped watch dial blanks. Then, transparent enamel paste is applied in several layers on top of these embellishments, and the plates are fired in a furnace. It’s a complex process: first, the preparation of the enamel paste by itself is an art; secondly, enamel is about as delicate as glass; and a watch dial can crack at any time during the various passes in the furnace and can therefore become easily unusable, as even the smallest blemish cannot be repaired.

If everything goes to plan, watch dials are eventually created that celebrate craftsmanship that goes back a century, rare today and still timelessly beautiful. For now, the watches in the Sirius Artist Diamonds Collection sparkle in three colors: transparent light blue, golden beige and silver white.

The watches run on a Chronoswiss Caliber C. 281, automatic movement with a 42 hour power reserve. The watches come on alligator leather straps.

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