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First of all I will start by saying I am not a watchmaker but just somebody that enjoys mechanical items. Anyway for a while now I have been slowly restoring a citizen 8110.

It was pretty dirty and didn't run when I received it and I have pulled it completely apart cleaned it and have put it all back together except for the pallet fork and hairspring/balance cock. When the crown is in the first position I can turn it and the escape wheel spins freely. When I put the crown in position 2 the date changes freely and the escape wheel doesn't spin. When I put the crown in position 3 (furthest out) and turn the crown the escape wheel spins again.

I tried and pulled off the dial date guard to have a look at the action when I move the crown and everything to my untrained eye look to be operating smoothly. When I move the crown/stem through its positions the the setting lever and rocking bar move through the motions including when the crown is in position 2 disengaging the stem from winding the escape wheel so it only turns the rocking bar.

am I missing something should the escape wheel spin when the crown is in position 3 because when I try and put the pallet fork on it stops me from turning the crown and I don't want to break anything or is there anything I should look out for.

i know that it is hard without seeing the watch but any help would be greatly appreciated

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