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Citizen Bull Head 8110a Restoration and Service by 31 Jewels

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Hi, my name is 31 Jewels and i am a master watchmaker located 80 miles north of Lancaster Pa. You may have seen my other service and restorations here in the Citizen/Seiko forums before of the 8110a 23 jewel mechanical chronographs. I have been collecting the 8110a models for years now and i have mentioned that my favorite model is the 67-9054. I have never owned, serviced or restored a Bull Head model before and this is the first time i have gotten the chance to have one in my shop. Actually 2. This thread is devoted to the restoration and service of 2 different 1970s era Citizen Bull heads. The watch pictured here is owned by Vsansbajo. He started the "Citizen 8110a High End Thread" here in the forums last year and has asked me to service and restore one of his personal watches. This Bull Head pictured here was purchased new by his Uncle in Spain in the early 1970s. Heirloom work is something i specialize in and really enjoy that aspect of my job. Finding out the history of the watches and their stories of the past. Stay tuned 31
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Hi 31, can you comment the Bullhead case is stainless steel or chrome plated ?
Hi 31, thanks for the comment.
its what i thought too. I used to have 11 pcs of these bullhead.
Had polished some without revealing any base metal.
Had also hand sanding one case (to rid some dent) and has not seen any base metal too.
was a little confuse on the "base metal" stated at the back case.

Bezel look black painted or gold plate on some model.
Was wondering if thr base metal was referring to the bezel instead.

Thanks again for clearing my long time doubts.

View attachment 698589 Here is V's case and pushers after polishing. I hand polish each pusher by hand and use water proofing grease on the "O" rings to ensure a smooth action. The springs are also cleaned and you will notice on the radico how dirty they were. Its been asked on many different occasions and in other Citizen threads as well as this one on what alloy these cases are made out of. I didnt have any here at the shop to comment but after having these 2 i can add my 2 cents. I can say that the octagon are all stainless for sure and its signed on the case back. The non octagon cases, at least these 2 here being restored are solid nickel. I louped the spring bar holes to make sure they are not brass with chrome plating. These 2 are solid nickel. As far as whats refered to the base metal top on the case back, in my opinion it appears Citizen is refering to the bezels. Which are very soft metal and appears to be either nickel, stainless steel or aluminum. There are alot of these Bull Heads around and V has sent me his NOS Bull Head to compare. I have 3 Bulls here now and i'm planning to weigh the cases complete and see if there is a difference as far as metal content. These 2 older Bulls feel heavier compared to the NOS repo. I will post the weight results in a couple days. Stay Tuned, 31
1 - 2 of 82 Posts
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