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The titanium versions (Ray Mears and successors) have been appearing on the bay periodically but you need to be willing to take a chance and pay $250-300. I have seen three this summer. You can't steal these, too many people know them. On the other hand, the BM6400 is easy to find for less than $100. I bought mine on the bay last month for $80 and it's as new. One sold today with bracelet for $50! To find these deals you need to expand your search vocabulary and know that some sellers don't know the watch and so just advertise them with something like "Citizen watch." Btw, the BM6400 on leather is very presentable dd and mine is +6 seconds/month. I just don't do yard or car work with it on - I have an old BN0000 for that.

Happy hunting,
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