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Hey esteemed F71!

Accidentally stumbled across this micro-brand, got the tip from a student of mine. It is a fairly young brand, they have a current lineup featuring some sleek Quartz watches, but what really got me excited was their Kickstarter campaign that just started.

Clairette Watches Kickstarter Countdown

Went ahead and pledged for a Calendar Automatic, it just ticked so many boxes for me, above all it being 37.5mm, and wears just perfect. They had a small Kickstarter event earlier tonight where one could check out the watches in the metal, and even though i was almost committed even before tonight, getting a few free beers and talking about vintage watch subtleties with the Clairette founders pushed me over the edge. At ~£300 for a quality watch with serious attention to details it puts it securely into affordable territory, and for me was more or less a shoe-in.

Full Disclosure: Im'm in no way affiliated with Clairette, in fact i had never met them before tonight, and never even heard of them a week ago. But i can attest to them being watch afficionados, with a penchant for mid-size timepieces. Just as i like 'em! Here is the link to the kickstarter:
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