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I'm curious how difficult it would be for a watchmaker to clean some dust off of a watch dial, markers, hands etc. The dust is fairly tiny and inconsequential, but annoying all the same. It seems the last person who had this watch had the crystal replaced, and their watchmaker left a fair amount of micro-dust here and there.

Would it be a relatively simple job for a watchmaker to take the dial out and make the surfaces as clean as if it were brand new?

In certain (very specific) lighting conditions, the dial also looks like it has a thin slick of oil on it. The same sort of rainbow colors and pattern. I think this *might* be due to the AR on the crystal, but it really looks like it's on the dial. Would this be a simple thing to clean up as well?

Watch in question is not vintage, but I figured the vintage forum might have a bit more experience with this sort of thing.

Thanks much
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