CODE41 return with a groundbreaking launch, the never-before seen Mecascape! Dubbed Sublimation One, the Mecascape, or “time object” as coined by CODE41, isn’t a wrist watch nor a clock. It transcends the usual dimension acquainted with both, revealing a new architectural vision of time.

Mecascape represents the union of “mechanical” and “landscape” within clockwork. Its dimensions are more generous than those afforded in a watch, measuring 108mm x 71mm. The increased working space in turn proved to be the biggest and most rewarding challenge of the watch object. To reinterpret and reimagine watchmaking in the way that CODE41 have, meant to push the limits of what’s currently possible, working with the spatial volume provided by the Mecascape whilst preserving harmony and balance between the elements.

The contemporary concept initially occurred to CODE41’s founder Caludio D’Amore in 2009 –

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“My idea for the Mecascape goes back to more than 12 years ago. Today, after having founded CODE41, given birth to 6 collections, and dedicated 5 years of focused development to the project, the time has come, the maturity and the means too, to give birth to the first Mecascape. I knew, with the team, from the outset that we were working on something really special. An ambitious and daring project in every sense of the word. Translating my vision into a unique and original watch object was a real collective challenge, and we are all very proud of the result. Working with time from all angles (and that's the right word here) has rarely been so rewarding.”

The mechanics of the Mecascape are at the mercy of the design dimensions. Such a novel design meant having to break-free from the norm and explore new paths in watchmaking. It gave CODE41 opportunities for creative freedom and technical expression.

To successfully bring the Mecascape to life, CODE41 partnered with trusted experts for both the movement and the case construction.

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For the movement, CODE41 collaborated with Le Cercle des Horlogers who designed and assembled the movement in its entirety in Switzerland. The Swiss-made mechanical manual winding Manufacture movement has a frequency of 28,800 vph and 237 components, including 39 rubies. Its functions include hours (bottom-left dial), minutes (top-left dial), date, second time zone – GMT (bottom-right dial) and a power reserve indicator (top-right dial). The Mecascape has an impressive power reserve of 8 days.

For the case, CODE41 chose Iseotec, the watch case production specialist with over 10 years of experience. Iseotec produces watch case components, undertaking the entire process from R&D, drawing, construction, machining, finishing, all the way through to assembly and quality control. The case specialist was happy to take on such an ambitious challenge and decided on a Grade 5 titanium case for its lightweight and hardwearing properties. Iseotec used machining for the more complex components of the case (the back and the bezel), working around the fact that the Mecascape has no middle.

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The resulting harmonious proportions were inspired by the Golden Ratio 1.618 and the Fibonacci sequence, as can be seen with the Mecascape’s naturally balanced and geometric aesthetic.

The Mecascape is protected with sapphire crystal with 1800 Vickers antireflective coating. Despite the visibility of the balance wheel, barrel, escapement and gears, time readability remains clear. Two small knurled crowns have been placed on each side, subtly integrating into the profile. One allows the time to be set and the Mecascape to be wound mechanically in a simple and pleasant gesture, whilst the other performs as a small push button on the side for setting the date.

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After 12 months of development, CODE41 succeeded in producing the first ever Mecascape in watchmaking history. The Mecascape is slim with a thickness of only 8mm, meaning it fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and can be easily slipped into a jacket pocket, taking it with you wherever you go. Alternatively, the Mecascape can be placed on a piece of furniture, such as a desk, thanks to its horizontal shape and metal stand accessory, thus offering the possibility of appreciating time in a different way.

The Mecascape comes with a travel sleeve made from high-quality Italian leather, lined with microfiber, allowing its owner to carry it safely. The case also features a small cut-out to elegantly store a bank or business card.

The Mecascape from CODE41 is the first of its kind, a horology item of complexity and is priced at $9,950 / CHF 9,995 / €11,450 / £9,950.

Pre-orders for the CODE41 Mecascape are available right now. Click here to learn more.

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