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Watchuseek has decided to test drive a new forum solely dedicated to digital watches and ana-digis of any brand:

Almost every brand has digital offerings. Until today, We just didn't have a dedicated space to specifically discuss digital watches outside of a specific brand's context. Now we do!!!! :-!

In many ways Digitals are lend themselves to be highly competent and highly specialized. This forum is for us to learn all that. Come on down and start discussions on any of the very competitive offerings from your favorite brands. Come tell us about your favorite training watches, cycling watches, multi sensors, calculator watches, TV watches, dive computers, shock resistant watches (G-shocks and others), high end digital, geek watches, Ana-Digis, etc.

Don't let slow initial traffic put you off, keep coming back and don't be shy about starting threads. Who knows, maybe we'll have yet another great WUS forum on our hands. See you there.
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