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Hi all!

I did a search for "" on this forum and got no hits, so I decided to create a thread.

Does anyone know why Seiya-san's website is tied to

I had a weird experience with ordering my SARB035 from Seiya. Apparently my Paypal was denied. I don't know why. I then tried to pay with a credit card and constantly got an error. I finally canceled the transaction altogether, but not before entering my credit card number.

I decided to try to purchase the watch again by adding it to my cart, and all I get is a message on the status bar stating "Connecting to" and then nothing happens. Nothing is added to the cart.

Also, just viewing watches results in the same status message that eventually goes away.

Not sure what's going on, so I did a search on google, but every webpage belonging to times out.

Who is Is Seiya affiliated with them? I surely hope so as this whole thing has got me nervous! Any info is appreciated.

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