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Well, I didn't really know if this would be better off here, or in the affordables section. It certainly qualifies for both. I decided it would get more love here since it is a diver first and an affordable second :-d .

Stupidest thing ... I have had my eye on one of these for a while. I dunno what drew me to it. Maybe the high-tech looks. I could never bring myself to wear a Casio (sorry Casio guys :-x )... Oakleys are a little too over-the top for me.

When I found out these were being discontinued I knew I would need to snap one up before they were all gone. The manufacturer only wanted 75 bucks for one and only had the black dial (yellow accent) and blue dial (blue accent) left. Plus those gougers wanted 20 bucks for shipping. Alas the yellow dial version I wanted was gone ... and the hunt began :roll: .

I was able to buy the last yellow dial they had at Amazon for 95 USD delivered (They have one listed from a seller named EWatches for anyone interested).

I was half expecting a real POS for the money I paid, but I love divers and I could always return it if I didn't like it. I was pleasantly surprised with what I got.

The specs are:

•Yellow Dial
•Water Resistant to 200 meters
•48mm Stainless Steel Case
•Hardened Mineral Crystal
•Screw Down locking crown
•Turning Inner Timing Ring operated by crown at 8 o'clock
•Black & Yellow Polyurethane Strap

It does have a quartz movement and a screw down caseback.

The turning ring is made so close to the markers, the guy who engineered this understood the need to make the actual dial and markers as big as possible for underwater visibility. Both crowns are fully and deeply engraved. The last of the 2 keepers has a cutout so that it 'hooks into' a button on the end of the long side of the strap ... very ingenious. I HATE traveling keepers. The strap is not stiff but not soft, and not sticky at all. The ring action is nice and smooth, and the lume is average, although with such large markers and hands it is pretty visible at night. It came to me in a really nice padded ballistic case.

They obviously fired the good engineer right after he was done because the marketing guy got to write the specs :-d . No mention of the movement type (I included the fact it is quartz in the description) and the 48mm measurment INCLUDES the crown. The case alone is 44mm.
My only complaint is a slightly sloppy crown when pulled out to set the time. It does screw down and with no date to worry about you will likely only be using it twice a year for daylight savings ;-) .

For a 95 USD diver, it is top rate. It quite satifies my appetite (craving ;) ) for YELLOW:


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Looks like a great budget diver. The inner bezel is a great touch, and I could not agree more on the notched keeper! Why this isn't on every rubber strap is completely beyond me - a great innovative feature.

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