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Hi. Still new to this forum but reading and learning a lot, and want to thank all those people who have contributed. All the thoughts and advice really help.

Thought I would add some of my own.

About a month back I bought a CORE black/orange from Mountain Equipment Coop (Canada), which is much like REI. This was before I found this forum. Too bad as I returned the watch for what I thought were glitches, but after the return found solutions to most of the 'glitches' I was having. Such as, I thought there was no way to calibrate the compass without taking the battery out, which just seemed wrong, and didnt know you could increase the readability of the display...neither did the store as the CORE was so new!

As I thought it was the CORE being goofy, and even though I really loved it, I went and bought an X Lander since it was more tried and true.

Well...after 2 weeks with the X Lander I took it back since, I have to admit, I missed a lot of the functions of the CORE! Went a got another one a few days ago (yellow/black) and am really, really happy. Ill let people know in a few weeks if any other things happen I have read here (battery dying etc). However, much like REI, the store here will swap for a new CORE if anything actually does happen.

Although I did like the X Lander, here is what I missed:

1. Barometer graph
2. Improved visual altimeter readings/arrows and log recordings also showing graph (love how it automatically moves through the profile showing time and alti reference)
3. Depth meter (yes, I do actually use this)
4. Auto profile, and/or locking out altimeter to reduce drift
5. Sunset/sunrise - I dont know why, just really like it!
6. Stinger buttons give me more confidence in water
7. Cost: the yellow/black was $75 less here than the X Lander which had been on sale!
8. Looks: the CORE is more up to date styling IMHO.
9. Dot matrix display allows for improved looks, graphs, numbers, and improved menu/scrolling functions.
10. Really, really love the snooze alarm. Love looking at the watch when the (very audible) alarm goes off and reading 'SNOOZE?', like the watch is asking me how Im feeling in the morning!
11. Bearing tracking icons are far better. I mean, whats more simple than the watch saying 'Turn right' or 'Turn left' and the arrow extending?
12. 1 meter altitude readings instead of 5 meter on the X.
13. The 'seconds' perimeter counter. The X Lander was cool how it weirdly marked off seconds, and I liked that it was always counting, but frankly, with the quick touch of ANY button on the CORE, a REAL 60 second by second counter comes up instantly, and I cant say that I have ever had to stare at my watch for the full 10 minutes to where it runs out.
14. Seconds in numeric form stay there if you want anyhow. On the X lander, they only stay for about 5 seconds.

Anyhow, just my 14 cents I guess. The X Lander seemed tough, but with the amount of drift I experienced which had to constantly be reset, and the points above and then some...Ill take and keep the CORE, even if it means the odd switch if something minor is up.

Suunto and my local store stand behind the product and warranty so Im not at all worried. That is saying a LOT.

My only caveat...if you cant buy locally at such a place like REI where they will take things back or swap for another immediately, no questions asked, perhaps wait for the newer software version I heard mentioned here??

There ya go...

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Nice review!!! IM glad to hear you are enjoying the Suuntos so much. The X Lander is a veteran! But I too really appreciate some of those functions you listed!

Thanks! I hope you enjoy your Core...
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