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Correct endlinks for a Zenith Super Sub Sea, reference a3736?

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Dear Zenith enthusiasts,
would anybody happem to know what are the right endlinks on a beautiful black faced Super Sub, thar I was very lucky to find after years of searching? I have found a source for a G&F ladder bracelet, and would like be sure I look for the right endlinks... though I am aware it will be probably a long hunt...
Thanks to anybody who can tell, or even better who knows where I can get those!
Pics will follow, when I hold it in my ands... ;-)
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I think the ones shown here (including the entire bracelet) are the original ones:

ZENITH A3736 - 53_zpshgnektfb.jpg Photo by WATCHES55 | Photobucket

Hartmut Richter
The correct endlinks to look for would be marked ZH on the inside.
Thanks for your feedback. Indeed the same comment I got from a watch dealer in England, that even got a pair in stock. The only concern I have is that two owners of the same model (one current and one former) indicated that it is ZG instead. I know that the ZH endlinks have been used on the non-chronograph models (a3536), as I am happy to own one myself. So it will be easy to test trial the correct fit.
But even if it sounds like more popish than the pope (not sure if this German phrase works also in English... :)), still I would like to be sure to have the original state at the end...
Did you happen to be able to also see a picture displaying the endlinks' backside? I did not succeed to get any farer than the front pics...

With help of Google picture search, I finally succeeded to see also the backside view and identify the last letter... which is "G". So I guess I can conclude that ZG is the right endlink. From the other pictures in the photobucket, Hartmut suggested, I would say the only difference is the surface of the inner part of the end link. It looks to be also brushed, like the outer parts, while on the ZH it is polished instead. Certainly a subtle difference only...
Hi Dr. Ro,

my information was only based on my experience with the non-chronograph model (A3536). I thought it was the same, but that is a mistake then; thanks for the correction.
But even if it sounds like more popish than the pope (not sure if this German phrase works also in English... :))...
I think the English would say "more catholic than the pope"......

Hartmut Richter
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ZG is for the thicker Super Sub Sea whereas ZH is for the thinner non-chrono case. This is what ZH ends look like:

This is what they belong on:

The above photos I found online. Sorry for using it without permission. Ignore the bottom link, it is now even a Zenith one.

ZH ends can be opened to fit better on the A3736, but ZG ends are the correct ones. I learned this this hard way.
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