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Could this be my new watch?

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So I have been scouring the web and I came across these two. I believe the Raketa Perpetual Calendar looks to be authentic after seeing other prime expamples. :think: But the Raketa Big Zero is one that seems to still give me a hard time. :-s I need to do more homework that is for sure. Analog watch Clock Wall clock Watch Number
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I don't have either in my collection but would I would not mind either. These two seem to be from the 90s, correct me if I am wrong. As always I welcome yours feedback.:)
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Now that I pay much closer attention, I do see that the calendar is of the 80s. I once saw a model that had a calendar for 2000, I believe. I am hesitant in getting this one because of the pitting on the case back. I still dont own a Raketa and so I am afraid the corrosion will get worst.

On the Big Zero, I saw in the Raketa web page from their 1998 catalog archives an example that does have cyrillic and CCCP but no logo like the one above. That is where I am confused with the dials. I see that Big Zeros have a flat crystal and have a beveled case front along with indices markers. I am learning a little at a time.
That is true, one can obtain an Orient new in the box for under $200. I did see the similarities in the older models between both. I agree with Sci that the big 0 does have character and is more distinctive. One last thing, I came across a 38 mm sized big 0 that is somewhat smaller than the model I mentioned above. Did Raketa make a smaller variant in anytime in their history especially in the 90s?
Yes it was similar in that the crystal was concave looking and it had hardly any bezel. And it did have the stamped logo below the hands. What is the significance between the larger vs the smaller sized one besides the size?

I like the the watch bands that Jani showed off from the catalog with the CCCP stamped on it.
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So I didnt purchase the first Big Zero I had mentioned before in this thread, but I found this model that is in much better condition. The seller states its from the 90s, I looked it up in the Raketa catalog and it seems to be a match.:-s This seller has received good and bad reviews, but we can't satisfy them all. I am just wondering in the movement, I see a black object located by the winding wheel pictured at the left by the bridge (i hope I described it correctly). I cant make out what it is? :think:
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It's all in the details, I am just a young grasshopper. I did notice how dirty the movement is and I thought, then this not a "unused watch" or the movement is a donor. I see how the crown sticks out, interesting though. Well the hands, I can see from the earlier pictures I posted the difference of the width of the hands, certainly those scrawny hands look very anemic. The watch has a hefty price of 77.00 or so plus shipping. Pass it is. Again thanks.
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