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I have been looking around for a very specific type of wrist watch: one that integrates a kitchen egg-timer style 60 minute countdown complication using the bezel. I don't like the digital countdown timers because you have to press fiddly buttons over and over again, and I love the countdown bezel I have on my Sinn 103 knock off, but I don't like having to check the watch constantly when using it.

I'm not in the watch industry but I tried to put together a rough specification of the watch I'm looking for here:

http: //

(Sorry, this is my first post so I need to break the URL to post it)

The idea is to use a countdown bezel, a fourth hand and the traditional chronograph button layout to do one thing really well: 60 minute or less countdowns.

What do people think of the idea? Are there any watches that I'm not aware of that do this? (The closest I could find was a Timex T479029J, but is is a pretty terrible watch with all sorts of usability issues.)

I appreciate any feedback people have on the idea.
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