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Wow ... a lot of .... interesting info in this thread. If your watch came with a strap made for curved springbars (and straps) there is likely a reason. I'll use my JeanRichard watches as an example. The straps are definitely special. They will take a straight strap, provided they are thin, but REQUIRE curved springbars. You can tell because you can not install a straight springbar on the watch WITHOUT a strap - it interferes with the case. A curved strap is recommended and yes, they can be made that way.

Springbar dimensions are given as the space between the lugs. A 20mm springbar should fit a watch with a 20mm opening.

That being said, your observation about losing length when bending is correct. When I make bent springbars for my JR watch with a 25mm opening, I start with a 26mm springbar.

Lastly, if you want to make your own bent springbars instead of paying the inflated prices they want for them, pick yourself up a 10 dollar pair of springbar pliers off of EBay. They put a gentle curve across the entire length keeping as much of the structural integrity as possible. Standard pliers are not recommended as, unless you really know what you are doing, you will put a definite "kink" in any springbar you attempt to bend, making it very weak.

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