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It takes a lot of nerve to post a strap making in this forum of pros! But here it goes anyways. Here are my pitiful attempts at a thinner and more flexible black leather strap to fit my DA37

Make a strap with the following qualities
- Fexlible, thin, light
- Waterproof
- Formal yet tough enough for everyday wear
- Inexpensive

Tools and Materials
- Black 3mm thick finished leather section (Tandy leather shop, 2 sq feet ~$15)
- Buckle and deployant clasp (cannibalized from other straps)
- Metal rulers, sharp blade, multi-tool, sharp scissors
- Fabric glue (flexible, permanent, waterproof, ~$10), sewing needles, vice
- Jeweler's anvil, padded hammer, leather punch
Cost:_____________ ~ $50 for the leather, punch, and glue

Step by Step
1. The template was cut out from the leather, the idea is to have a three layer strap from thin, finished leather. The layering will come from folding the the length of the strap and the backing of the strap over.

2. The two sides were folded over and glued down using the permanent fabric glue. The folding of the side edges gives the side length of the strap a finished look and adds to the thickness. Two vices and the metal ruler was used to hold for curing

3.To make the finish on the edges finer, the back side edges of the third layer/back flap is thinned down with a blade on an angle. This step is the make or break one for me, with many scrapped attempts...

4. Once everything is glued down, the itch to finish it there and then was force-ably put aside for 2 days for the glue to fully cure. Once glued, the straps actually take on a curved in my design. This makes the leather form to the round wrists and won't necessitate breaking in finished leather. The excess glue stains were removed later with alcohol (water won't do on the waterproof glue)

5. Last steps are to add the buckle and punch the sizing holes

The taper on this end of the strap was easier to achieve than i originally thought it'd be

And Done!

The longevity of the glue's hold remains to be seen, but from the abuse i purposely gave to a previous version, it should hold out fine. The clean stitchless look again suites the functional DA37 nicely.
The strap feels soft and smooth and does not bleed at all (unlike the brown deployant that i made), even when i wiped it down with 100% ethanol. I suppose i was quite lucky in picking this leather out.

Let me know what you think!
For the full step-by-step, please visit my measly site
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