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Damaging the GMT set by adjusting the date?

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At the end of last year I got a Frederique Constant Yacht Timer GMT, but when it arrived the box was a total mess and on investigation I found that I was not able to set the GMT hand. After several months of back and forth with UPS I took the watch in to get a quotation on the repair for this, for the insurance. The repair quote has just come back but the notes suggest that 'User quickset at wrong timing resulting in damaging of movement components'. They quotation also notes that the date turns over at about 4am, which I was not aware of (as I have never actually worn the watch).

I realise that setting the date between 9pm and 3am is a bad idea, and I am reasonably sure I didnt do this when the watch arrived, although proving that is now impossible. But even so, would doing this affect the setting of the GMT hand as well? Would impact damage really not cause this type of problem with setting the GMT hand?

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That watch has an FC-350 movement, which is a Sellita SW200 base with an in-house module for the GMT function. Consequently, the date function and GMT hand should work rather independently, since the date is part of the base movement, while the GMT module would be driven of the canon pinion or whatever central stack that's replacing it. So, that quote sounds strange to me and I've never seen an SW200 that flicks the date at 4am either. If that's what that movement does, the GMT function isn't the only problem, as far as I can tell from your description..
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Thank you. I am no expert on movements, but while I know about the 'danger hours' for setting the date, I had no idea about this potentially damaging the GMT function. In fact, even now, I tried to Google this and it just doesn't come back as a potential issue for damaging the GMT.

I had been working under the assumption that the various issues and damage were caused by concussive impact on the watch/movement, and to be fighting for this for so long only to have a single line note on a quotation potentially sink my case is..... frustrating and depressing.
That package really looks terrible.. Having said that, it's very unlikely that that's in any way related to the behavior of the movement. As long as there is any padding covering the watch, even just a thin layer, transport damage shouldn't be an issue. Mechanical movements are super tough, they don't fail that easily. And even if, the GMT function wouldn't be the typical breaking point.

I watched a YouTube video on the FC-350 in the mean time, since I was curious how how that module actually operates. I hope you were aware that the GMT hand doesn't quick set through the crown like it does on other GMT movements (e.g. the Eta 2893)? The second crown position moves the regular hour hand in 1h-steps, while the GMT hand is linked to the normal time setting. The date flicks when the GMT hand passes midnight, not when the regular hour hand does, which would explain the 4am date change.

Are you sure the movement is actually damaged, or maybe this is all rather a misunderstanding on how that type of movement is supposed to work?
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