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Damasko DA44 or DA46 or ??? for Second Time Zone--Pics Please!

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Hi Folks,

I have a DA36 which I like very much, aside from two things: I think a slightly larger watch will look better on my wrist, and I would really like to have a 2nd time-zone indication since I have business in one, and in fact often two, different time zones from where I am.

Since I'm self-employed and basically work seven days a week, every day's a work day and every day's a play day too. So it's easy for me to forget what day of the week it is, thus I am pretty committed to having the day display on my watch. This latter rules out 99% of the GMT watches out there, and 100% of the ones I'd buy for aesthetic or quality reasons.

So, since I really like my DA36, but will have to part with it to get another good-quality watch with 2nd time zone, I've been looking seriously at the DA44/DA46.

If anyone who actually owns one of these can tell me how they like it for this purpose, I'd really appreciate it. I clicked through 20 of the 34 pages in the "Show your Damasko!" thread, and only saw a handful of pics of Damaskos with the 1-12 bezel where the bezel wasn't lined with the 1-12 numbers or indicators (and a couple where it was in-between, which was....interesting). I don't know if these owners don't use the 1-12 function, or just thought it looked better for the pic that way.

My question re the DA46 would be, does it work to have two different numbers together, (I'd use it for 16-18-hour differences, i.e. USA to Asia time difference, which just means mentally changing AM to PM and vice versa)? Is it distracting when you're just checking local time?

For the DA44, not having a number for local time, likewise does it work, and is it distracting, not by having two different numbers, but only the "wrong" number when checking local time?

If any owners of these two models would post pics with the bezels 2-5 hours off of 12, I'd greatly appreciate that.

Last, the ??? Any other makes/models I might consider? Limitations are pretty severe--under $1500, similar aesthetics, tool watch--i.e. at least 100m WR and good anti-shock/anti-magnetic specs.

I have another question about the bezel on these Damaskos but decided to post it separately, check it out if you're curious.
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Not in the post I answered to, sorry...

Anyone with a DA46 with 1-12 bezel willing to share a pic? I'd really like to be able to compare the look of the two, thanks!
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