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DEBATING: Dekla Deckwatch vs Seiko Presage Arita

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I am considering two watches: a Dekla Deckwatch and the Seiko Presage with Arita dial.

They both look great. The Seiko with the porcelain dial and the Dekla with the sterling silver dial. The Dekla has the Unitas movement and the Seiko has the 6R35.

Recognizing that value is in the eye of the beholder, is there any practical difference in quality and/or fit and finish between these two watches?
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I think Dekla offers a lot of watch for the money. They make their own dials, hands and cases in Germany, the movements are Swiss. The Seiko, however, is a compelling in house package. Do you prefer heat blued hands over lacquered? Or a Unitas handwound over the 6rxx automatic? I'm looking at a Dekla Turbnulenz myself right now. Appear to be very well made.
Don’t have a preference of hand wound versus automatic. But the heat blued hands seem sharp.
They both look great. Is there a difference in price?
Good point. A new Dekla is about the same as a pre-owned Seiko.
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Thanks for the helpful feedback, everyone. Look forward to getting my Dekla.
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