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I'm starting an online shop for mechanical watches in South Africa pretty soon!
We are unable to get a bunch of "nerdy" brands in South Africa, so I'm trying to make the process a little easier for watch lovers in my country.

Im going to start off with Squale, but I am getting more brands like Laco, Sinn, Stowa, Orient, Glycine etc a bit later.
I recently placed my first order with Squale.

I'm currently busy adding the watches to my site, but I cant find any decent quality images of Squale watches anywhere.
I checked Squale USA, Germany and Switzerland, but the images on their websites are REALLY crappy....

I dont really want to use any images from blogs or reviewers, because that could be frowned upon.
I'm probably gonna take my own photos once the watches arrive, but does anyone know where I can get some decent stock photos of Squale watches? (specifically 1521's)
I cant believe that a big brand like Squale hasn't taken the time to take proper, high quality shots of any of their watches.

Thanks guys!

My website is Lug to Lug (I used some crappy images for now)

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Trust me when I say that you do NOT want any of my Squale photos since they are grim in the extreme. It doesn't surprise me that the stock photos of Squales are so poor as many manufacturers seem to use images that are a long way short of the kind of quality you see here regularly.
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