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Deep Quest Update

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Just heard from Rob that the Deep Quest with the Arabic Numbers will not be coming to the US. That may not apply to other markets. So only the one that Jeff posted last week will be here.

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Here is the version coming to the US.

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The US model sans arabics is the standout anyway. Might have to sell the farm to buy that oneb-)
I really like the look of these pics, although they look more like CAD files than photos. Pretty impressive specs. Any idea when it will be available in the states? Any lume shots available?
Really nice. Would prefer black date wheel with white numbers.
I love the font of the five minute numbering...very detailed...I bet this will be a pricey one (orbital chrono range or higher). Great looking piece.
These should be in the dealers here in the US next week. This is the one I have been waiting since it was announced. I'm glad to see they went to traditional Ball second hand since the red first gen EHC second hand that was on the Basel prototype was just not fitting in with the high end look of the rest of the piece. I also am happy that this version is coming since I was not sold on the Arabic versions. Just a little over the top for me. If I understood Rob correctly black is the only dial color for now (yet the price list still shows a white dial version). Give the design ties to Rolex I've always seen this as the Ball DSSD so black only makes sense.

Pricing has been up in the price list since July. $4199 on the bracelet and $4099 on the rubber strap.
Really nice. Would prefer black date wheel with white numbers.
Yes I don't know why they continue to do that on these yet have it right on some of the other models.
Rob just got one in that will be coming to me after he shoots some photos. I understand he got in an Eternity and the 21st Century.

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When you get it can you post some size comparison shots? :-!
When you get it can you post some size comparison shots? :-!
It will be here Tuesday after the photo shoot. I'll see what I can round up.
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