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Deployants by AXEL JOST, Germany

Axel Jost, located in Germany, has been producing all types of buckles & clasps for watch straps for over 30 years and specializes in gold and gold plating. They supply deployants & buckles to several top tier watch companies, of course too secretive to share, but they did confide in me as part of my qualification process.


Discount of $3.00 available with the purchase of any strap I sell.

Skilled German craftsmanship, solid assembled parts, modestly priced for this level of quality.

Buy a strap & deployant combo, take an additional $3 off.


DF3 Push button Single Fold

Just in, single fold, push button, standard flip lock lid, available in 16mm, 18mm and 20mm. Rounded edges of the pushers for extreme comfort, take a close look. Excellent manufacture as you can see in the pictures (these actually cost me more then the DF1 double fold). Introductory price: $47.95


Here is something new by Axel Jost, the DF2 Premium. Push button, double fold, stainless steel with the added features of a screw to secure the end to "the point" (that is the long end ) and screw in pins ( no spring bar!) to easily add to "the buckle" (shorter side of the watch strap).

These are amazing, the best deployant on the market IMHO. As with the DF1, made in Germany, land of craftsmanship, precision, quality.

Price is $49.95 delivered with a set of jewelers screwdrivers (approx 1.0mm and .6mm) for each side of the buckle . Sizes 16mm, 18mm, 20mm and 22mm.

Check out these pics.

ALSO, NEW 18mm matte Gold Plated $49.50.

Price is $49.95 delivered with a free Swiss screwdriver (.8mm) for the buckle side attachment. Sizes 16mm, 18mm, 20mm and 22mm.

New 4mm pins for extra thick straps, regular DF2 has 3mm pin, pls specify when ordering

Closeup of "point" end attachment

Closeup of screw in pin vs spring bar

AXEL JOST DF1 Deployant

Stainless 16,18, 20 & 22mm $47.95

Brushed any size $52.95

Yellow Gold Plated* 16 & 18mm $49.50

Rose Gold Plated* 16 & 18mm $49.50

*both the rose & yellow gold deployants are heavily plated with 5 microns of gold.

Take a look at the underside of their deployants; you'll note the edges are rounded and not square. This adds substantially to the comfort of the piece.


Just in, double fold, push button, standard flip lock lid, available in 16mm, 18mm and 20mm. Introductory price: $49.95

Note: this is the same deployant used by a well known watch Manufacturer in Germany that I can't mention…GO figure……….

Distances: From Spring bar to stem 16mm. base curve 5mm, overall length 38mm.


Just in, double fold, push button, standard flip lock lid, available in 18mm only
Distance from Spring bar to stem 14mm. base curve 6mm, overall length 42mm.

Introductory price: $39.95 $10 discount on this deployant when purchased with Di-Modell or Hirsch Strap.

AXEL JOST DF5- now in SS & PVD

DF5 Single Fold Push Button Stainless 18, 20, 22mm $29.95
Or $32.95 with brushed finish

NOW in PVD in 18, 20mm $34.95

The single fold is one of the most uniquely designed & manufactured deployants I've seen. The push buttons actually hold the top unit in place and the inside height will hold a strap nearing 4mm thick, such as the Di-Modell Chronissimo. I include the mini spring bar tool free with every purchase, so installation is a breeze (note: it took me only a few seconds to install, most of that time was trying to the spring bar side on and that is common to all deployants).

Shipping Charges:

Inside the U.S. - $1.75, FREE for orders over $34.99
Need insurance? $1.30 up to $50, $2.20 over $50.
Priority $4.80
Overnight $17.50 (incl $100 in insurance)
waive the insurance - no signature required.

Outside the U.S $ 3.00 Airmail, uninsured, no tracking**
$14.00 Priority 4-6 days
$27.50 Global Express w $100 insurance 3-5 days $14.50 Registered with $44 insurance.

The postal system around the world generally does an outstanding job, my experience has been a worldwide delivery rate over 99%. I provide evidence of shipment. **If you are concerned about in transit loss, please select a secured or insured method.

Contact me or Paypal at [email protected] to place an order or check out my site at Shipments sent out daily.

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