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Disclaimer: I'm a "newb" so I apologize if the answers to my questions already exist somewhere else, but I did search and could not come up with any satisfactory answers.

Anyway as my list will show I own 3 Gevril watches. All 3 of them have push-button deployment clasps but one of them has a rubber strap and I have only had problems with the stainless steel bracelet models. Soon after I got my Gevril Park I started having problems with the clasp as it would pop open at random whenever I made an aggressive motion with my wrist. I took it to a jeweler who did something to it and it was better for a while. The problem has come back to some degree but is not as pronounced.

My Gevril SeaCloud, on the other hand, has pretty much had problems from the start (Though I did buy it used since you can't find them anymore). These problems have gotten even worse since I added a link and the watch is a bit loose on my wrist. I understand why the Park model was coming loose to some degree but the Sea Cloud has a completely different clasp design that includes an additional flip lock. Both my Gevril Stadium and my Hamilton have the same form of deployment clasp, minus the flip lock, and I haven't had any problems with them staying on. I'm thinking that maybe the buttons are getting caught between my palm and another part of my forearm, causing the clasp to deploy, but I thought the same thing was happening with the Park and it turned out to be something that could be fixed.

Any suggestions/insight? Thanks

Also, while Rolex gets a lot of grief for the poor quality and aesthetics of its clasps I have never had a problem of this nature with my Sub.
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