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In this thread I will share my process of designing and printing g shock ga 100 casings/bezels. I have been having so much fun, and there is so much potential for members to design their own parts.

IMG_20150106_154030051.jpg IMG_20150108_110309658.jpg

I begin the process by measuring all critical dimensions of the physical part using electronic calipers. This includes the inside and outside diameters, depth, hole patterns, etc. The idea is to gather as many measurements as possible and take the average values!


Next, I use the data to start designing the part in CAD. Here, I am using Autodesk Inventor. I start by creating a simple extrusion using the inside and outside diameters.

I add the detailed features of the casing using circular patterns and extruded cuts. No functionality really, just looks and aesthetics. Inventor allows you to do many custom features like engravings and embosses.


Here, I am sketching the extrusion for the where the wristband connects to the g shock module.



I add a couple more key features like the hole pattern for the screws, and the button features. Getting the screw locations right can be tricky , especially on the first try. Take your time to get accurate measurements and double check.


I upload the stl file to a third party 3d printing service. the software checks for wall thickness issues, depending on the material requested. Make sure all features are within tolerance for solid wall thickness


Test print #1 in white polyamide


Another print in high detailed resin


A stainless steel print, raw finish


The final result :)

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Amazing work, and it's fun to be able to "see" the design process as you go along! :-!

While there's POTENTIAL for members to design our own parts, unless we're all going to get really good at computer-assisted drafting we'll still need some sort of "expediter" like yourself, who has AutoCAD experience and who can make those designs a reality! :)

The metal bezel really looks amazing in person, and the "finish detail" is a lot smoother than most 3D prints I've seen and handled before. Was this one of the "polished" type options where you had it printed? Even under a magnifying glass, it really looks like a metal casting of some sort! There's a very faint rippled distortion on the sides, around a couple of the screw holes, but something like that might even be seen if it WERE cast metal!

Hopefully these pictures will show off more of the bezel -- it's kind of hard to photograph with a flash because of all the shiny surfaces. ;-)

ga 110 montage.jpg

You did a really great job, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work!

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Nice job sir! Can you design something thats octagonal/square-ish looking like the gd350's bezel? Or a stock looking bezel but with built in bullbars in the design (kinda like the gd400)? If you make a fortune, dont forget my cut :D
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