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A dial mistake a few years back produced some dials that take a 7s26 seiko movement but fit into 7002 case,
gave me a few ideas and a whole new lease on life for the very troubled 7002 Seiko diver..
7002 Diver Basically a black mark for Seiko
The pushed the boundaries of cheap too far with this one ... first out of Japan production for Movements and many other short cuts ....
But the case was basically a cross between the 6309-7092 and the now main line 7s26-0020 (SKX diver)
Great cases but not a fit for dials and movements of the 7s26 since they are about 3:45 crown and the 7002 is a true 4:00 crown

but if you weeve some Magic you can do some stuff like this ....

Seiko Divers Mod Bead-Blasted with Sapphire & PVD

7002 case custom fit with New 7s26B Movement
Bead-Blasted with PVD coated
Custom Blue Chapter ring
Blue AR coated Sapphire
Custom Tech Crown
All New Gaskets
SIN # 131345
Case 42mm
Lugs 22mm

Some of my best work ....

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Excellent! :-! Rugged and minimalist..a great combination. Nicely done!
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