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Did Spring Drive accuracy 'ruin' standard mechanical watches for you?

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I'm sitting here 36 hours after setting it (my new Snowflake) and cannot see any drift, which is expected. Further, knowing the watch is insensitive to position, temperature, the tide being in or out, etc. means there is no 'luck' to just happening to keep it in the right position overnight or at the right level of wind (other than dead!). In a week, a month from now, I should start to understand what I have. I know it is rated at +/-15 seconds/month and interested to see how mine fits into that.

I ask this question partly seriously, partly in jest, but still curious as to your take. Does using a Spring Drive, which you might need to set monthly, ruin regular mechanical watches in terms of their accuracy and potential fussiness (for example, having different deviations depending on the state of wind, what position they are left in, etc.)?
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No, mainly. Spring Drive is one aspect of Grand Seiko's excellence but it is less important to me than other considerations.

The aesthetics of the watch and how it wears are my top criteria. The watch is gorgeous, better finished (bracelet clasp excluded) than pretty much anything else out there, with near perfect dimensions and weight. Whatever movement was in the 44GS case, the SBGA387 would be near the top of my list. Granted, the Spring Drive does add the satisfying smooth seconds hand to the aesthetic.

In a place like Australia with limited and expensive servicing options, the dramas of mechanical watches get very old very quickly. Spring Drive simply removes all that crap, adds somewhat severe accuracy and reliability while maintaining the perfect on-wrist weight and dimensions of a well-designed mechanical. Spring Drive is such a welcome relief from a watch world dominated by over-promised and under-delivered specs, unrealistic assumptions, safe queens, instaposers, flippers and other parasites, pageantry and BS.

I will find it hard to go past another Spring Drive that fulfils my primary aesthetic criteria. Specifically, and take note please Seiko, a black and white steel diver 39-41mm, 13mm thick (max), L2L 47-50mm. Rolex and Omega are frankly inferior so I'll wait. Don't argue. Find a way, do it and keep making it - no LE crap.

I haven't pulled the trigger on any sales yet but after having the SBGA387 less than a month, my 18 watch collection is already down to 5 in my immediate planning. All other planned purchases have been killed, except for one, with additional sales paring it back to 3 (including an heirloom that will never be sold) in the longer term. This is where the Spring Drive really affects decision-making.
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