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The photo shows the DUO with a high-quality matt-black rubber strap that is available now for all Botta-Design wristwatches

Klaus Botta of Botta-Design has been developing and designing one-hand watches for over 25 years. The UNO is the first and most successful model with this display principle.


The UNO went on to become a design classic winning national and international awards. The watch was the first modern wristwatch to employ the one-hand principle, which started a wave of copycat one-hand watches by other manufacturers. The idea behind a one-handed watch is that you are aware of the hour, but with practice you can learn to read the correct time to within just a few minutes. THE DUO

The original yellow/black DUO

In 2011 Botta-Design followed this up with the release of the DUO - the first ever world timer based on the one-hand principle. Still using the same concept of a one-handed watch, it has one hand to show the local time and another hand to show the time at one additional time zone, using just one hand in each case.

The outlying main display shows the local time. Its 12-hour hand points to the same one-hand scale that has been used in the UNO for more than 25 years. The scale itself is mounted on a slightly inclined scale ring which guides the markings down to the lower-level 24-hour display.

The secondary display, which lies at a lower level in the dial, can show any second time zone the wearer chooses. Its delicate 24-hour hand and numbered scale are clearly distinct from the 12-hour main display.

An artificial horizon divides the inner 24-hour section into a day half and a night half, allowing the day half of the second time zone to be identified at a glance.

Designer watches from Botta-Design are manufactured by traditional watchmakers in Pforzheim. Use of high-quality components, such as Swiss Made movements and sapphire glass, and production on computer-controlled machines ensure that designer watches from Botta-Design are durable timekeepers of outstanding quality.


Until the beginning of September 2013, Botta-Design are offering a 50 Euro discount on the new DUO dual time-zone watch with the green/black dial. Advanced orders can be placed on the website given below to obtain the discount on the green/black version of the DUO.

The original Botta-Design dual time-zone watch launched in 2011, was yellow on black. Such a high degree of contrast allows the wearer to tell the time even at a casual glance.

Nonetheless, there are times where not even this level of contrast is sufficient – such as in poor light conditions. According to the latest findings in perception research, the human eye reacts with greatest sensitivity to the colour green, especially in low light conditions. To improve readability in such situations, Botta Design have chosen green for the new additional version of the DUO dual time-zone watch.

The quadrants and the tip of the 24-hour hand are clearly highlighted in contrast to the dark face of the watch. To make it absolutely obvious which hand is which, the striking 12-hour hand is made of finely brushed stainless steel. This surface allows the hand to absorb any residual light from the surroundings and reflect it back to the wearer.

So the new DUO in green/black is designed to cope even when lighting conditions are poor. Botta-Design also believe that the use of the new colour gives an overall impression of a highly precise technical instrument.


In addition to the discount on the DUO a new black rubber strap can be ordered for all Botta-Design watch models as of now.

The new green-black DUO is identical to the yellow-black version, which is also still available and will be shipped from early September on a first come, first served basis.


Diameter: 40 mm
Height: 7.5 mm
Weight: 43 g
Movement: RONDA 515.24H Swiss Made
Case material: stainless steel
Glass type: plane sapphire glass
Water resistance: 3 ATM
Strap: finest vegetable tanned leather wrist strap | steel link | rubber strap
Special features : First dual one-hand watch for two time zones
Country of manufacture: Germany
Warranty: 2 years; not applicable to parts subject to wear, or in case of improper use
Price: from € 298.00

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