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I posted my watch in a few WRUW and have been asked by numerous people for a hard link on how to remove the branding from their Rodina, to end up looking like mine:

OK here's a short run down, this is at your risk. Not responsible for damaging your dial and/or permanently ruining your watch!

  1. Remove case back
  2. Remove plastic movement holder
  3. Remove stem (push small button with pin and pull crown out, this button is located right next to where the stem goes into the movement, push and remove the crown while crown is still locked in normal position)
  4. Remove dial/movement in one piece. Set in movement holder.
  5. Use extremely fine swab, I used 91% Isopropyl. Rub lightly and change swab regularly. DO NOT get it on any of the marks. If you are worried about marring the face (and it probably will, because it takes some force to remove), then go lightly and dry with air to see how dial is fairing. Once logo is removed, you may have a bright spot where logo was... If not, you're set.
  6. I had a glossy area where "Rodina" was. So I simply went over the area with 2000 grit sandpaper to restore the rather dull/matte finish. Get it as good as you can (want). If you do go this route, do not sand hard or long at all. These faces are painted and you risk burning through.

Under the glass, the removal is unnoticeable completely.

** I suggest only doing this on a white face watch, and likely only this Rodina model since the ink they used isn't exactly the most durable.

Presto, somewhat sterile Rodina dial. :-! and now hard-linked and will be easier to find for people.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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