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I Was counter-offered a watch - insisted to take wire in early sep 2014. I trusted because the guy has over 500 positive and 0 negative since day 1 in 2007. All the past history was solid and high value. Scammed me a few thousand!

Folks please do drop down the details.

Eboy id : "tkjarvis" AKA "account_cancelled." AKA "jarvisjewelry" - now is not a registered user after a few more negative comments from his victims.

Phone number : +1 (315) 613-2640
email :[email protected]

wire detail:

Bank Name : JP Morgan Chase Bank
Name on Account: Mohammad Bappi
Account Number : 200967783
Routing Number : 021000021
Swift Number : CHASUS33
Bank address: 1 Chase Manhattan Plaza,
USA, New York, NY, 10005
Phone: +1(212)552-3819

Account holder information:

Mohammad Bappi
432 Gates ave,
USA, Brooklyn, NY, 11216

Beware FOLKS.

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millerjewelers AKA jarvis jewelry FRAUD ACT

I have reported jarvis jewelry before in 2014. The ripped me off +US$4K for a Chronoswiss Opus 18K chrono and they operates again as millerjewelers using EXACTLY the same pics.

You can search them at that famous auction site.

They MIGHT be decent to local but will DEFINITELY BURN international buyers. NEVER EVER do deals with them if they ask you to do wire. Never TRUST feedbacks, Trust paypal protection better if you have never dealt with the person before because they can have splitting personality.

here is the info they are using now.:-|

Miller Jewelers Inc
P.O. Box 2070
Tampa, FL, 33609
(850) 633-2040

Marty RWS

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Re: millerjewelers AKA jarvis jewelry FRAUD ACT

Sorry to hear you had lost so much. There was a police report about, and investigation or court case?
Unfortunately. I heard some victims have done filing the cases so but nothing can be done. I have heard some cases even losing like US$10000 TO US$15000+ even. These cases happened between 2014 -2016 they have been operating under the same tricks. Send some useless thing via slow mail so that the they do not have time to voice out at ebay. They used compromised / fake ebay accounts with a lot of positive and INSIST with bank wire. I hope these scums would get busted one day.
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