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Maybe a few of you have an Uglich or Zaria made 1956 quartz powered watch like the one below. I have a few of these in different designs. I recently changed the battery on the one below and found that it stopped working when it had been working just the day before. Puzzled, I doubled checked the contacts and the result is the tip below.

View attachment 6122434

Often, these watches are deemed to be not working. However, this may be purely due to the battery contacts and it is worth noting the following to ensure the failure of the watch is not down to merely incorrect battery replacement.

This is the 1956 Quartz movement:
View attachment 6122442

Notice the top battery contact, the negative contact, which has three splayed prongs. These ensure that the battery remains in contact.

View attachment 6122450

However, if you remove one of the negative contact screws, patricularly the one on the right, without holding down the contact, these prongs can provide enough sprung tension to flip the screw and any insulators out and it may move too quickly to notice where it has ended up. If you do locate it, can you remember the sequence of the insulators and contacts? They are different depending on which screw you have removed. Well if not, I have produced a small guide below to help.

Negative Contact

See how small the insulator is for the negative contact screw:

View attachment 6122482

The screw on the other side of the battery also threads through the negative contact but this screw (securing screw 1 in the image below) has two insulators and they must be in the right sequence so as to sandwich the negative contact. One of the insulators (Disc 1) is also made of clear plastic and can be hard to spot if it pings off. Also notice, that the positive contact runs beneath the negative contact and meets the battery on it's side.

View attachment 6122490
So, check your contacts and insulators and you may find that your 1956 quartz may work.



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