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Does anyone own this sterile submariner from Sizzlin' Watches?

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Hi, Ive been a lurker for a bit and was unable to find any information on this watch so here's my first post :)

I love the look of this watch and even though watches from Sizzlin' seem to have a solid reputation around here, wanted to get some opinions before I pull the trigger.

Thanks is advance!

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Don't have one, but that's definitely nice... I think that's similar to the look I'm leaning towards for a diver. What I can see seems decent enough. I don't know anything about the movement though, although I believe once you're in that price range it's not too far to go to a Seiko diver with one of their automatic movements... IIRC, Seagull is a Chinese (?) movement, so take that as you will. Straps are easy to replace, and I'm sure you can find a sterile dial that you like for a Seiko.

Anyway, I doubt this'll help you out much, but if all you're after is a sterile sub, then personally I would go with something else that I could easily modify. Then again, I've never had a Seagull, and I don't really know anything about them (I'm on an NH35/4R35 kick right now), so don't take this as gospel.
I don't think you can find a Seiko diver with hacking and handwinding to mod + the cost of a mod, for that price.

Top quality Sea-Gull movements rival anything that Seiko can put out ( at least in the affordable range) so that wouldn't bother me.

I'm unimpressed with the very sterile case back. And the C1 lume.
But to me, it'd come down to Sizzlin W's customer service, if it doesn't perform or you don't like it. And I can't speak to that. But there have been plenty of other threads about it.

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