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Does anyone own this sterile submariner from Sizzlin' Watches?

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Hi, Ive been a lurker for a bit and was unable to find any information on this watch so here's my first post :)

I love the look of this watch and even though watches from Sizzlin' seem to have a solid reputation around here, wanted to get some opinions before I pull the trigger.

Thanks is advance!

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Don't have one, but that's definitely nice... I think that's similar to the look I'm leaning towards for a diver. What I can see seems decent enough. I don't know anything about the movement though, although I believe once you're in that price range it's not too far to go to a Seiko diver with one of their automatic movements... IIRC, Seagull is a Chinese (?) movement, so take that as you will. Straps are easy to replace, and I'm sure you can find a sterile dial that you like for a Seiko.

Anyway, I doubt this'll help you out much, but if all you're after is a sterile sub, then personally I would go with something else that I could easily modify. Then again, I've never had a Seagull, and I don't really know anything about them (I'm on an NH35/4R35 kick right now), so don't take this as gospel.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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