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We were very surprised to see Dongtai lu today. It has not changed much (not yet), but the first part destroyed was our watch seller’s main shop !


Yes, the big hole is the place where the shop was...


You can be reassured, Mao is still there to welcome us !

I can't find pictures of the shop on my computer, so here you have a better view.

AlbertaTime returns to China. Post #1 - Apr 3rd & the afternoon of the 4th in Shanghai

We talked to the seller, and the most amazing was he did not show any sadness ! He has now a third of the surface he had before. He still has the little "box" in the street you can see here.
(I'm stealing the picture from AlbertaTime's post)

He explained to us they want to create another Shikumen (石库门), so the rent will rise a lot and most of them will have to leave, but he was as smiley as the first time we met. Of course we are not close friends, but I can’t imagine a shop owner in Europe keeping his calm like that, keeping smiling. We left the place with melancholy (and a watch of course !)
I will take better pictures tomorrow, I have an appointment with another seller who wants to show me her 五一 (Wuyi). I want one ! I need one ! (ok, this is maybe a little bit exaggerated…)


I think the building on the right was the shop...


And the collection of watches he sells plus some he shows you if you ask politely...;-)


Still smiling


And he was very proud to see 小三 with his Chunlei on the wrist. Colin came back home with a nice red Mao's pin on his chest.

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LaurenH, thank you for your photos and especially for the reminder of this very good natured seller. Please pass on my respects if/when you visit again!

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It's sad. I was last there during the 10-1 Oct holiday when I went to shanghai. Mr Yang (the seller) had told me then that his shop will be gone but he will keep the box stall for a while. (I think I shared that in another post) .. It didn't quite hit me till I see your photos of place after the demolition... It's sad. I will definitely miss this place.

I was told by some of the sellers that I chatted with that the owners of the buildings which were acquired were paid a decent amount. Most of them are happy as it provided a good retirement many of their kids are not keen to take over the business...don't know if that's the real case..

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I came back to visit Dongtai lu’s area yesterday.
Most of the area is still the same, but just behind Dongtai lu, in the lanes… Buildings are destroyed. I explained to my son most of the inhabitants want to live in a nice and modern building, only the foreigners find the place nice (but none of them would like to live there… Us too: we like to have toilets in the apartment !)

So here some pictures…

DSC02237.JPG DSC02284.JPG

But the market on Tangjiawan lu is still there !

And as for Dongtai lu


Here, Mr Yang's shop... I said hello to Mr Yang for you Albertatime ! He was pleased to know you were still thinking about him.


She is still there and she still has beautiful watches. Just said hello this time.


I found another little shop. The lady told me she was the first to sell vintage watches in the area. She opened her shop in 1993 and she has beautiful watches. I told her the Saturday that I will come back with my son the Sunday morning. As there is nobody in Dongtai lu before 10:00 I came only at 10:40. She was expecting me at 9:00 ! And usually she doesn’t work the morning… Poor her.


In the end I did not buy her WuYi but I’ve learned a lot: you have Da WuYi and Xiao WuYi. The大 one is because the logo is “en relief” (in 3D), and the小 one is because the logo is printed on the dial.
Maybe EVERYBODY knew that… But I was happy to understand the conversation.


I discovered Hongqi. Nice watches. She was very proud of them, saying she was the only one who had some in Dongtai lu.


In the end I made the promise (easy one !) to come back and buy other watches, and came home with two Shanghai.
My eldest son has now a Beijing, a Seagull AND a Shanghai (we can leave China without regret !)

Here his Shanghai:

And mine:
Mine is a 1120 301, the caseback picture is not nice.

Hope you enjoyed the journey to Shanghai... It is something I like on this forum : I travel a lot thanks to you.

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