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Rick, now I am totally confused!

The pics on the website show the sharkhunter with the original style all white hands...However, are you saying if I bought one today from the website based on the pics, that I might receive one with a orange minute hand as the design is not final and is open for discussion by forum members?
What you see is what you get on the Doxa web site. The Sharkhunter 1000 and the Pro 1000 designs are finalized, parts are sourced, and Swiss Elves are standing by to build yours today. The pics at Basel are prototype COSC dialed watches and obviously the final designs are not solidified. I would imagine our inputs in months to come will help Rick and company finalize the designs prior to release. It happened on the Sharky T-Graph, the Searambler, GMT's, the Caribbean get my point.
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