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Hey Colinmet, what you see in the Basel display are prototypes only, they show all the possible variations of the current line. The final product fine tunings are yet be defined. I will start a poll and will invite you all, to choose the final design bits. It is obvious though that the case and bracelet have been manufactured but the diala and hands are yet to be defined.

Thank you
Hi Rick,

I think that letting us give some idea's would be great.
NOW This is why I love the brand so much:) .

Also please let there be an option for the metric bezel for the 1000T.
Give the guys in the US their prefered measuring system, imperial.
Give the rest of Europe, UK, Asia and the Pacific, metric...Yeah|>

Never know,, though I am hoping so.


Peter D
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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