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Doxa dive watches...whats your take?

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Now that I moved my Shogun I am looking at a new addition to my humble dive watch collection..

I'd like to try something new, but keep to my 'old' standards of a simple, well proportioned (39-42mm), reliable dive watch. I have been mulling over a Squale matte 1521 for quite some time now, the only 'issue' is that this watch is not available on a nice bracelet (I don't like mesh).

This brings us to Doxa. I like the cushion shaped cases & vintage appeal but for some strange reason I have never ever handled, much less owned one. I mean, is this the same company that used to make the 'old' Doxas or are they just using the name? Where are they made? Also, if I buy online do they ship from EU?

I have heard a few complains re QC. Is this a case for concern? Are these watches well put together and hoe is fit and finish?

Ultimately I must decide between this and a Squale...any one here owns both?

Would like to learn more about the brand. Thanks!
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I've owned a 1200T Pro for many years now, and it's a definite keeper. It's extremely comfortable, beautifully proportioned, very nicely balanced on the BOR, and that splash of orange is unbeatable! It's the ideal shade.

I'm far from expert on the history of the current company, but if you browse through the Doxa forum, where you've already posted a similar question, you'll find many who are. As I recall, the current owners bought into the brand, which changed hands several times since the Cousteau days. There has been sufficient continuity, IMO, to count modern Doxas in the direct line from that time. Enjoy your research, and form your own opinion. Or, shop the used market for a vintage piece!
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What size case is the Doxa in this picture?
The dial's hard to read behind that hand, but D6AMIA6N said it's a 1200T. So, from the Doxa web site, the case size is 44.60 mm in total length, 42.70 mm not including the crown, 44.50 mm including the crown.
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